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Done and Done - Musopen Kickstarter Project

We recently completed an in-house recording project to add music to the site. The following is what’s been added:

Beethoven - Coriolan Overture

Beethoven - Egmont Overture Op. 84

Beethoven - Symphony No 3 Eroica

Borodin - In The Steppes Of Central Asia

Brahms - Symphony No 1 in C Major

Brahms - Symphony No 2 in D major

Brahms - Symphony No 3

Brahms - Symphony No 4 in E minor

Brahms - Tragic Overture

Bach - Goldberg Variations

Grieg - Peer Gynt

Mendelssohn - Hebrides 

Mendelssohn - Italian Symphony

Mendelssohn - Scottish Symphony

Mozart - Magic Flute Overture

Mozart - Marriage Of Figaro

Mozart - Symphony No 40 in G Minor 

Rimsky Korsakov - Russian Overture

Schubert - The Piano Sonatas

Smetana - Vltava

Tchaikovsky - Symphony Pathetique

String Quartets:

Beethoven String Quartet in B flat Major Op 18

Borodin String Quartet No 1

Borodin String Quartet No 2

Dvorak - American in F major

Dvorak Quartet in F Major Op 51

Haydn Quartet in D Major Op.64

Mendelssohn Quartet in F Minor Op 80

Mozart Quartet D Minor K421

Mozart Quartet in C Major K 465 

Suk - Meditation

The recordings are all live and on Musopen at the following links:

Video Recordings of each day (day 1 was corrupt and unfortunately lost):

We also have the recordings hosted by in bulk, so you can download everything at once, or with a torrent!

Please feel free to share, edit, re-mix, download, and encourage others to do the same, thats the beauty of public domain music.


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